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Assembling -Medieval manuscripts with marginal glosses

[These are some introductory remarks for my talk at King's College on May 13th 2013] What I am going to present is part of the book I am currently completing -Assembling. Medieval Intellectuals as Radical Artists. The life of this book is quite complicated. For years, I simply referred to

Bite the Nickel

I should plead guilty to the charge of liking Michael Connelly’s novels.[ref]This is only my research journal for this Summer, and I do not intend it to be very elaborate, and I am certainly not trying to give a bibliographical account of what I am doing.[/ref] I have not read

Dioses de barro

Eduardo García de Diego era un auténtico conocedor de las fatigas del copista medieval. De haber escrito su prólogo en latín, sin duda habría dicho lo siguiente: “O quam gravis est scriptura! Oculos gravat, renes frangit, simul et omnia membra contristat! Tria digita scribunt, totus corpus laborat. Quia sicut nauta desiderat

Editorial dolor

En los últimos días he adquirido un creciente interés por algo que podría llamarse “la entrada en el monasterio.” No me refiero a la de los monjes, sino a la de los investigadores que, de una manera u otra, se acercan a los fondos documentales o manuscritos de un monasterio

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